ASCI International Open Call — BRAIN Art-Science Exhibition

16th international art-sci juried exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. will be held at the New York Hall of Science October 11, 2014 – March 29, 2015

Entry Deadline: August 24, 2014

From ASCI:

A new openness from science practitioners and a desire for public engagement with their research findings, has created a plethora of recent art+neuroscience activities including: the new scientific field of Neuroaesthetics; “The Beautiful Brain: Art and Science of the Human Mind” online forum; The Interalia Magazine dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences, and consciousness; “Neuroscience Art” exhibitions mounted at The Society of Neuroscience annual meetings; and a 2014 production of a planetarium journey, the NEURODOME, that utilizes the data visualization tools of astronomy to depict high-resolution imagery of the brain.

With this exhibition, “SCIENCE INSPIRES ART: The Brain,” Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) and the New York Hall of Science, want to display the aesthetic results of human curiosity about the brain (human or other). We seek stunning, two-dimensional images of original art (executed in any visual media), inspired or informed by any aspect of the brain or new discoveries in neuroscience.

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Call for Submissions: 2013 Subtle Technologies

What questions arise, now that creating life (once believed to be the role of immortal beings) is in the hands of modern science?

From Subtle Technologies:

  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Festival dates: June 8 & 9, 2013
  • Submission deadline: February 25, 2013

“In 2013, Subtle Technologies will be holding its 16th Annual Festival in Toronto.

Our symposium, performances, workshops, screenings, exhibitions and networking sessions provide a forum to explore ideas and pose questions at the intersection of art, science and technology. Subtle Technologies is known internationally for presenting artists and scientists whose work is at the leading edge of their respective disciplines and creating a space for dialogue that will lead to future discussions and collaborations.

Our 2013 festival takes place on June 8th and 9th at various venues throughout Toronto. In 2013 we will be exploring the theme of Immortality. Through history, concepts of immortality have had an important place in virtually all spiritual and philosophical traditions. As we have with past festival themes, we will be exploring this year’s theme from a broad perspective bridging art, science and society. We encourage and welcome submissions that explore ideas of immortality that arise from outside the Western framework. There are a number of areas related to immortality that we would like to probe during this year’s festival.

The average life expectancy continues to climb in many parts of the world and there are those who believe we can and should push this threshold ever higher. While many see physical life extension as the route to immortality, there are others who believe immortality can be achieved by merely preserving an individual’s consciousness, through either biological or digital means. If consciousness could be digitally represented, could a person “live” forever in a virtual world? We want to look at the science behind life extension as well as the numerous philosophical, ethical, practical and social questions that arise. These sciences include the realms of cyborgs, life extension through pharmacological means, cryogenic preservation and ideas surrounding the collection of an individual’s connectome – the complete mapping and re-creation of a brain’s electrical structure…”

Subtle Technologies [web]

Call for Papers: Science, Engineering, Art and Design Collaboration

SEAD Call for White Papers on Issues Facing the International Community Seeking to Enhance Collaboration Among the Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design.”

Deadline: August 15, 2012

“The US National Science Foundation -funded Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design (SEAD: is issuing an open International Call for White Papers from the community. The Principal Investigator is Carol LaFayette of Texas A&M University.

We are seeking to survey concerns, roadblocks and opportunities, and solicit recommendations for enhancing collaboration among sciences, engineering, arts and design. These position papers will be submitted as part of a report to NSF and the community from the SEAD network in the summer of 2013. With grateful appreciation for US funding, we recognize that activity connecting the sciences, engineering, arts, and design is international and, furthermore, that global involvements are essential in today’s economy. Therefore we are interested both in what US collaborators can learn from experiences in other countries, and vice versa, and also in how to foster collaborations that bridge beyond regions to nations. Cultural cross-fertilization via the SEAD network – whether from disciplinary, organizational or ethnic perspectives – is a vital component of our purpose and goals…”

SEAD White Paper Guidelines [web]
About SEAD [web]

CFP: Scientists and STEM Professionals – City Art Collaboratory

City Art Collaboratory aims to catalyze crossdisciplinary connections for STEM professionals with a variety of interests and skills, and is not limited to any one field of research or expertise.

Deadline: July 09, 2012

“Public Art Saint Paul (PASP) seeks individuals working in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and math) for a unique collaborative learning opportunity. City Art Collaboratory is a new professional development program that aims to catalyze questions, conversations and collaborations among artists and STEM professionals, creatively engaging them within the urban environments and contexts of Minnesota’s Capital City. City Art Collaboratory aims to catalyze crossdisciplinary connections for STEM professionals with a variety of interests and skills, and is not limited to any one field of research or expertise. This year’s program fellows will engage broadly with the topic of the environment, with the Mississippi River as their backdrop.

Program Summary

Public artists and STEM professionals practicing in urban environments and contexts share a desire to explore and impact the complex systems of the city. Opportunities for public artists and STEM professionals to meet one another and collaborate are rare, yet these disparate fields can benefit from the creative connections that come from seeing, hearing, experiencing, and conversing together in the language of the city.

City Art Collaboratory is an innovative new professional development program. Throughout 2012-13 The Collaboratory will engage 7 artist fellows in a series of facilitated field trips, discussions, and public gatherings on themes inspired by urgent environmental challenges and opportunities in and around the Mississippi River. These experiences will be documented and shared online, spurring broader creative conversations about the future of sustainability in Saint Paul and beyond.

In the longterm, The Collaboratory program will cultivate an expanded group of public artists equipped with the knowledge and connections needed to create relevant artwork in contemporary urban environments and contexts. In short, it will catalyze cross-disciplinary exploration, conversation and collaboration for renewed civic life and environmental sustainability…”

Program Application [web]
Public Art Saint Paul [web]

Funding Webinar: NEA Art/Science Grant Workshop

Apply for a Grant. Webinar: NEA Art/Science Grant Workshop

Deadline: August 09, 2012

1:1 Matching grant program

On June 14, 2012, NEA Senior Advisor for Program Innovation Bill O’Brien hosted a webinar on NEA funding opportunities available to support art-science projects across all disciplines. A ten-minute presentation was followed by a question & answer session.

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NEA [web]

CFP: Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award 2012

The Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award highlights and explores the exciting and novel possibilities between design, artistic practice and Life Sciences.

From Waag:

“Due to its success in 2010 and 2011 the third edition of the Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award (DA4GA) will take place in 2012. The results of the current edition are on exhibition at Naturalis, Leiden until the end of this year.

Always wanted to be at the forefront of riveting art that is trans-disciplinary and pushes the boundaries of technological and artistic possibilities? Then submit your application for DA4GA and take a chance on winning € 25,000 for your project!

DA4GA highlights and explores the exciting and novel possibilities between design, artistic practice and Life Sciences. Inaugurated by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative, Waag Society, Naturalis and CSG – Centre for Society and the Life Sciences, DA4GA aims to stimulate emerging designers and artists to delve into the world of bio-art, and produce new work in close collaboration with the most prestigious Dutch Life Science institutes in the field of sustainability, food, health, bio-informatics, agriculture, energy and safety.

Did you graduate no longer than five years ago in the field of art or design? Do the breakthroughs of Life Sciences fascinate you, and do you have a knack for (applied) arts and/or design? Then we want you to send in your CV, portfolio and idea for a project that combines artistic merit with the vast developments in Life Sciences…”

About Designers-Artists-4-Genomics [web]

Open Call: ScienceInspiresArt 2012

14th annual, art-science, juried competition exhibition will be held at the New York Hall of Science from September 1, 2012 – February 3, 2013.

Deadline: June 17, 2012

From ASCI, Inc:

“We are seeking original art inspired by our biological world with a special interest in what lies beneath its surface, and/or reflects upon scientific research questions, processes, ethics, and the stunning discoveries being made in biology and the biosciences today.

For many 21st century artists, the Internet’s rich supply of public domain images of living organisms (animals, including humans and insects; plants, and even bacteria) has dramatically affected the degree to which biology inspires art. Powerful scientific imaging tools have opened a new aesthetic “window” on what previously could only be seen after a subject’s death and dissection. Additionally, our global “information super-highway” has revolutionized public access to scientific research data and to its researchers. The bold field of live bio-art is gaining practitioners as university labs open their doors to artistic investigations and experiments. More recently, scientific funding agencies are requiring that scientists share their current research in more publicly accessible and engaging ways, and this is creating a new avenue for artists to collaborate on visual projects and art-science exhibitions…”

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